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The assessment services offered by Operational IMPACT Partners will help nearly every non-profit meet their objectives. They include:

  • Pre-campaign assessments and success evaluations
  • Campaign development, implementation and management
  • Organizational leadership assessment and development (coaching)
  • Campaign impact analysis (in-process and upon completion)
  • Development and fundraising department assessment and redesign
  • Foundation and corporate outreach (value proposition and messaging)
  • Planned giving programs  

 Assessment is the first step in providing a framework for clarifying, prioritizing and planning. OIP uses a series of template based methodologies designed to capture desired information and present it to stakeholders in a clear, concise and if requested, an actionable plan.

Sample Assessment Services: 

  • Stakeholder interviews, analysis and feedback implementation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Staff and leadership skills evaluation
  • Processes, procedures and organizational alignment
  • Organizational culture analysis and alignment
  • Programmatic portfolio mix 

With economic clarity that comes from the portfolio portfolio assessment, you can:

  • Focus on growing and enhancing those programs that are providing “sustainable impact”
  • Identify and justify a select set of “mission investments,” even as you work to improve their economics to make them more sustainable
  • Optimize the cash flow from a select set of “income opportunities” in order to underwrite other work that more directly advances your mission. Decide how to improve either the financial contribution or mission impact of the “potential distractions” that—if left untended—will be a drag on your work

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Nonprofit Management Expertise: Sustainable Impact


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