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37 percent
The proportion of IT projects that are in trouble at the average company every year

According to recent resrarch by the consulting firm Booz & Co, despite their best efforts, most IT project management offices continue to struggle to bring IT projects to completion on time and on budget. That's because they usually get involved too late in the process, reacting to problems rather than anticipating them.

Do you know?
More organizations fail than succeed implementing their strategy

Data suggests that most organizations would certainly benefit from adopting a more formalized approach to strategic planning and that many companies have routinely failed to successfully and fully implement their strategic goals.

  • A great majority of executives (64% of a recent Booz & Company Inc. survey) say that their biggest frustration factor is "having too many conflicting priorities." followed by these executive challenges:

(a) ensuring that day-to-day decisions are in line with the strategy (56%)

(b) allocating resources in a way that really supports the strategy (56%)

  • The Harvard Business Review estimates the ROI from traditional planning approaches to be 34% or less.
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit estimates that organizations realize just 60% of the potential value of their strategies.
  • Kaplan and Norton research suggest that 90% of organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies.

If strategy is a journey, how do you know you've arrived?

Click here to read Booz & Co's answer to this thought-provoking question.

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Do you know?
The importance of current-state analysis in strategy development

The current-state analysis phase of corporate strategic planning involves gaining a “business truth” of where the organization is today so that it is possible to plan effectively for moving from the current reality to the desired results. This integrated set of foundational activities is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Tack down where the organization is today, reviewing:
    • the organization’s vision statement
    • the organization’s mission statement
    • the current strategic plan and goal attainment percentage
    • in the case of divisions or subsidiaries, reviewing the current alignment of strategic goals
    • the organization’s hierarchy
    • key executive and management job descriptions
    • organization’s core competencies
    • key executive and management leadership competencies
    • the organization’s cultural heuristics
  • Additionally:
    • Assess operations and the decision process within the enterprise "ecosystem"
    • Consider all functional areas that are involved in developing and delivering value to the marketplace
    • Identify potential paths to achieving the desired end outcomes

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