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New Client Promotional Package - Free

Free 2-hour Strategic Plan Process evaluation

OIP cares about the success of nonprofits and we are passionate about seeing that organizations plan strategy and execution well in order to acheive high performance.  We also want you to experince the OIP difference first hand.

That's why we are encouraging companies like yours to let us help by offering a free evaluation of your planning process, under the protection of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).  IF you have a plan, OPI will review it and provide feedback based on the below deliverables.  If you don't have a plan, using the below deliverables, OPI will help get you started. 

Whether you decide later that you need our help or plan to get our advice and do it all yourself, we want you to take the first step and get an expert evaluation.  From that point, you will be armed with information and advice on next steps.

So, what exactly does free get me?  Here is what you will get:

  • Evaluation of your strategic goals with guidance around ambiguity and ability to measure
  • Guidance on the number of strategic goals to have in your plan
  • Evaluation of operational planning based on strategic program alignment to plan goals
  • Evaluation of governance to ensure strategy alignment in operations
  • Assessment and evaluation of plan implementation and accountability
  • Evaluation of accountability relative to plan goals

Our advice from this evaluation is free and there is no obligation. The valuable insight you will gain can be leveraged on your own or to make decisions down the line on the need for consulting help.

OIP has the knowledge, the experience and the process to help your company develop strategies that reduce costs, risks and improve on profitability. Ultimately, we want to help you acheive your strategic goals through a process that ensures strategic goal alignment from top to bottom through well-planned links to all aspects of operational execution.

Take advantage of this offer now by completing this form to schedule an evaluation.