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why choose OIP

Why Choose OIP?

What makes one consulting firm different from another that offers similar services? While strategic and operational planning services are only a sideline offering for most consulting firms, at Operational IMPACT Partners it is all we do. We don't sell products, we don't drive revenue or sales to suppliers or vendors.  OIP provides  strategic advantages
that are unmatched by ordinary consulting firms and that couples business skills and experiences with nonprofit culture and mission fulfillment passion.

At OIP, our strategic planning services focus on improving our client's overall business performance.  We do this by creating greater opportunities for our clients to measure and improve their effectiveness while developing a more robust approach to strategy development, planning, operations and implementation - leading to the delivery of outstanding value for all our stakeholders. Getting the operational balance right allows for better focus on mission fulfillment-perhaps serving more constituents or helping to increase the quality of service to those already participating in your programs.

Through benchmarking current performance, identifying best practices in relation to peer and historical performance, and measuring the gap between reality, your current situation, and the potential of our client’s operations, OIP provides a clear customer strategic plan for innovation, transformation and growth and ultimately organizational sustainability and impact.

We thoroughly assess competitive positioning and core competencies across our client's lines of business and develop strategic plans that are comprehensive, executable and measurable.  Lastly, we ensure that the efforts of our client’s stakeholders-staff and constituents alike will be successful and that they will be positively impacted as a result of our services, by demonstrating lasting and improved performance in the attainment of your organization’s strategic objectives.

As a direct result of engaging with us, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Understand how to execute a more effective strategic planning process
  • Be able to identify and correct strategy misalignment with operational execution and visiualize this with strategy maps
  • Identify hidden threats and bring those forward into the planning process to formulate contingency and scenario plans
  • Learn how to identify, mitigate and plan for known risks
  • Learn how to identify your organization’s key outcomes and why they are important
  • Learn goal prioritization techniques and how to support the underlying initiatives
  • Refresh your plan with less pain
  • Gain an understanding of your organization’s culture and develop complementing strategy to ensure successful execution
  • Focus on initiative execution to organizational capacity, with realistic stretch targets
  • Define and evaluate real success
  • Better communitcate with stakeholders-funders, donors, boards, intenal staff, partners and volunteers and ensure their alignment
  • Evaluate and set metrics
  • Understand and implement planning governance
  • Learn and implement successful techniques for planning meetings and session facilitation
  • Analyze operations, improve costs, and,
  • Deliver sustainable impact for all your stakeholders